Promoting British Values

The Department for Education states that schools need “to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

Key principles underlying the EYFS and those of Montessori settings such as ours provide opportunities for children to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem, confidence and understanding of these British Values. 

British Values Broken Down:

  • Democracy
At Hare Hatch, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that children experience ongoing activities that require them to work with each other, learning and following codes of behaviour, and communicate in fair and collaborative ways.
  • Rule of Law
The importance of learning right from wrong is established at an early age. At Hare Hatch, children learn to better understand not only their own behaviour but the behaviour of others. Agreeing with each other is a key skill that is supported by the nursery’s ethos of supportive and collaborative learning – from listening to each other during circle time, to tidying up after ourselves. 
  • Individual Liberty
The language of feelings and responsibility is a vast concept for young children to grasp but we believe that by modeling positive discussions (including explaining and reflecting on events, expectations and behaviour) we can enable children to begin to understand that everyone is free to have different ideas and how to be respectful of this. 
  • Mutual Respect and tolerance 
Through the act of sharing and showing respect towards others, we create an ethos of inclusivity in our setting. By openly discussing and exploring diverse practices, celebrations and experiences among the children in our nursery we encourage them to develop an appreciation for their own and other cultures. Different faiths, communities, cultures and traditions are actively celebrated within the setting and children learn visually; by seeing photographs and sharing books, actively; by dressing up, cooking, role play, and orally; through music and by listening to others and sharing experiences.