Parent Testimonials

Moving Rosa to Hare Hatch Montessori was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You all do an amazing job. I have felt 100% confident and happy going to work knowing that she is being cared for, and having a lovely time. Rosa has made lots of lovely friends and will miss you all. Thank you.

Hare Hatch Montessori is a marvellous learning environment for pre-school children. The highly-experienced staff team supports children’s learning with great care, ¬†encouragement and creativity. Children thrive in this safe, structured, consistent setting, showing high levels of independence and understanding of the world around them. My daughter loved every day of the the two and a half years she attended.

A HUGE congratulations, an absolutely deserved¬†“OUTSTANDING”.

I am so pleased you have been recognised for what a wonderful, caring, inspirational and educational setting you are!

Your calm, happy but disciplined environment lets the children explore their characters and learning in a relaxed fun way. Theo loves ‘circle time’ and ‘the big garden’ and has made some great friends. You are all so skilled ¬†in what you do and your calm experience shines through in everything we see. Thank you for making Theo, more ‘Theo-like” and for warming his grapes!!

I have put all of my 3 children through Hare Hatch Montessori and they have loved it! It is such a warm friendly environment with fantastic facilities. The staff are all amazing and prepare the children so well for school for when that time comes!

Thank you so much for looking after Xavi so well this year. He’s really growing in confidence and we’re very lucky to have such a great school for him to go to.

I felt very positive about my daughter’s learning and development at Hare Hatch Montessori. All the staff ensure a nurturing, safe and enjoyable environment for the children. My daughter’s key worker was fabulous, understanding my daughter’s needs and gently encouraging her. Learning is at the child’s pace and there are plenty of activities that the children can choose to participate in. Children are helped to make their own choices and learn to do tasks by themselves, which really aids them when they go to school.